Gift Ideas – What Should I Wish for?

The same thing every year: my own birthday or Christmas is approaching, and family and friends ask what I want. Most of the time, I already have a few wishes on my list, accessible to all my friends. But what do I do when I can’t really think of anything?

What have I always wanted to have?

Logically, you would rather want things that you wouldn’t buy yourself. Because the request is something special, it is actually too expensive, or you don’t know whether you need it at all. These considerations are independent of age: Whether 13, 31, or 81 – think carefully about what you really want.

That one expensive gift

Write the most secret wishes on your wish list. Maybe friends and family will come together and give you exactly that one expensive gift that you would never buy yourself. Sometimes miracles happen. 😉 Nevertheless, you are welcome to put a few smaller wishes on your list. Not everyone would like to participate in a larger gift but is looking for inspiration.

The special gift

And then there are the gifts that you have looked at in the store for ages. Something special that you don’t actually need, but want to use as well. Here, birthday wishes are wonderful: the one handbag, although you already have one. You could borrow a new wallet or a book from the library, but would rather use it more often. What is your special gift? Put it on your wish list!

What are your hobbies? – Looking for a present!

If you can’t think of anything, think about what you like to do in your free time. Parents often want things that they can share with their children. For creative painters, this could be B. be new paints and brushes or a game of new table tennis set for outside. Even if you are mom or dad: think about yourself!

Would you like a Lego set just for you? If you like to ride a bike, could you wear some cycling clothes? Whether it’s model making, sports, computer games, books, or collecting stamps: there is sure to be something that is close to your heart. Dare to show it to your friends and family too.

What you can wish for

Think about your hobbies in different directions: What do you like ?:

  • Creativity: craft accessories, painting supplies
  • Gathering Things: Extensions
  • Games: board game expansions
  • Sports: Season tickets for games or sportswear & accessories
  • Books & Puzzles:
  • Technology: cool gadgets
  • Digital: Newspaper subscription, credit for Steam, gaming platform
  • Travel: Voucher or money for new tours
  • Beauty: Specific product or voucher

Write your birthday gift ideas on your wish list right now!