MAK has driven hunt rifle scope

MAK has driven hunt rifle scope

The assembly specialist MAK, who has brought some red dot sights onto the market in recent years, is also getting involved in rifle scopes. The first model is a driven hunt lens with compact dimensions and robust construction. Norbert Klups, therefore, tested the MAK pro 1 – 6 x 24 on a big game rifle.

The 1 – 6 x 24 with illuminated reticle works completely without plastic; the zoom ring and cover caps for the adjustment towers are also milled from aluminum; At the end of the eyepiece, there is just a cushioning rubber band.

The compact, only 265 mm long rifle scope with a 30 mm center tube diameter weighs only 527 g – a good addition to a light rifle.

Reticle 4, which is provided with a luminous point, is located in the second image level; the brightness is regulated continuously between 1 and 10 on the rotary control on the left.

If turned off visible, you have to overcome a slight resistance and hear a slight click when the off position is reached.

The reticle adjusts the point of impact by one centimeter per click, and a huge adjustment range is available for both height and side with 363 cm each.

Eye relief of almost 10 cm ensures a calming distance between the target eye and the eyepiece. The wide, finely grooved zoom ring only needs half a turn for the adjustment range and has a thick knob between 2 and 3 times.

The magnification adjustment runs smoothly and smoothly

The field of view, which is important for driven hunts, ranges from 6.5 m (six times) to 39 m (single) – so MAK moves in the upper middle field with 1- to 6-times driven hunt lenses.

Very quickly at the ready

However, it is also important to have the most trouble-free insight possible when you hit it quickly (insensitive eye box). The new can score here.

Even if the target eye is not exactly neatly behind the eyepiece when it is hit quickly, a clear image without annoying black crescents is available.

In terms of picture quality, there is little to think about; the colors are reproduced naturally, the contrast is good, and the sharpness extends to the edge areas.

The light point is round and delimited, very dark in the lowest steps, and also designed for night vision optics. It only gets bright at the end of the 10-point scale.

At the shooting range

We mounted the new optics with a Leupold Quick Release on a Dakota Africa in .416 Rigby. That was barely possible with the super-flat rings; there was no longer much space for repeating between the eyepiece and the bolt handle.

For big game hunting, it would be better to choose slightly higher rings for better handling.

The sighting was done with four cartridges; the reticle adjustment works precisely. To zero the towers, all you have to do is lift the knurled wheel, turn it to the desired position and push it in again – it is very quick without tools.

From the shooting frame, it was no problem to achieve a 30 mm shot pattern with the fine reticle in 6x final magnification.

The new MAKpro was fun in the shooting theater. Its 39 m field of view is sufficient to keep almost the entire screen in view.

You can react in a flash if it is unknown whether the sows are coming from the left or the right. This can only be foreseen in the rarest of cases when hunting.

After 60 shots, we shot another shot from the shooting frame on the 100 m range – the point of impact and precision remained unchanged, so even really strong recoil calibers are not a problem.

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