Meaningful Gifts That Help

Meaningful Gifts That Help: It is said that small gifts keep friendship alive. But especially with people who already have everything, it is often not easy for us to find a suitable gift. With a gift donation from SOS Children’s Villages around the world, you have a meaningful gift idea and are doing something good at the same time.

Meaningful Gifts That Help

The recipient will receive a nice gift card in the mail and you will help children and families in need. So you can give twice the joy.

  • Choose between many sensible SOS gifts and surprise your loved ones with a special gift.
  • The recipient of the gift receives a pretty card with a personal greeting message sent directly to them by post. You can write name on a birthday cake or card from online websites like:
  • At the same time, you support children and families in need with your gift. You donate to SOS Children’s Villages around the world, which is twice as much fun.

This is what the greeting card for your gift donation could look like. You can customize the text on the inside of the card.

Make meaningful gifts

To meet the taste of the person with a gift is not that easy. Are you looking for a gift that you are always right with? Then simply give your uncle, good friend, or favorite colleague a gift donation from SOS Children’s Villages worldwide. This gives you a meaningful gift with which you can help children and families in need. Choose one of the many gifts in our SOS Children’s Villages gift shop. Here you will definitely find one that suits the recipient. Would you like to give something to a teacher? How about a gift donation for a mobile library, for example?

  • Take Them Camping.
  • Make a Photo Collage.
  • Invite Them for a Picnic.
  • Put Them on a Sweet Treat Treasure Hunt.
  • Take Them for a Day Trip.
  • Create a Unique Piggy Bank.
  • Have a Candlelight Pizza Dinner.
  • Do Your Own Message in a Bottle.

In doing so, you not only make a contribution to education but also enable a child to have a self-determined future. Is your colleague interested in sustainability and the energy transition? Then a solar module that supplies families and communities with climate-friendly and reliable electricity is the ideal gift donation for him.

Put together a gift basket from our numerous gift donations that give twice the joy: The perfect gift for special occasions and for people who already have everything.

Last-minute gift idea

Have you almost forgotten your best friend’s birthday again? Our gift donation comes in handy when you are looking for a meaningful present at short notice: Simply choose a present, add a lovely message to a card, and post it.

  • DIY Ombre Kitchen Towels.
  • Striped Wood Block Display.
  • Hand Painted Dish Set.
  • DIY Gold Dipped Magnets.
  • Personalized Enamel Mug.
  • Transformed Imprinted Clay Bowls.
  • DIY Confetti Cups.
  • DIY Crushed Glass Coasters.

Then the recipient will receive it within seven days at the latest. And if it has to go even faster: Our digital greeting card that you can print out yourself is also ideal as a last-minute gift.

Instead of gifts: you have these additional options

In addition to our gift donations, you have many other options to make your loved ones happy and, at the same time, make the world a little better.

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