Parrot Mambo mini drone – Review and analysis

Parrot Mambo mini drone – Review and analysis

We have been testing the Parrot Mambo mini drone for the last month and we can already give a good opinion about its functionalities and use. We liked how easy it is to make it fly, its design, manufacturing quality and its two accessories (very fun to use). The worst is the battery life and the low resolution of the camera. Don’t miss all the details of the analysis.

Parrot Mambo mini drone – Opinion and analysis

  • Mini quadcopter with accessories connected to the drone
  • Free Flight mini smartphone app ( iOS and Android )
  • Bluetooth 4.0 BLE connectivity
  • Flight stabilization with autopilot
  • 0.3MP photo camera
  • Maximum range: 20 meters (with smartphone); 60 meters with Parrot FlyPad
  • Barrel with 6 shots and clamps to hold up to 4 grams of weight
  • LiPo battery with an autonomy of 9 minutes (8 minutes with an accessory)
  • Parrot Mambo recharges in 30 minutes with the 2.1 A fast charger.
  • For children from 14 years old.
  • Dimensions: 13.2 x 4.1 x 13.2 cm
  • Weight: 64 grams
  • Model: PF727001


The Parrot mambo is a really light mini drone (less than 70 grams), it comes with protections for the four propellers (which can be removed) and has two accessories that make it a lot of fun: a cannon to shoot balls, and some tweezers to grab small weights. Both devices can be controlled from the app.

What is the worst thing about the Drone? 

Although the addition of the overhead camera is interesting, its resolution is very bad, only 0.3MP, hardly anything can be distinguished and the shots are very pixelated, as you can see in the following photo of my feet taken from about 2 meters high … Photos can be downloaded to mobile.

Operation and commissioning

The truth is that the first thing that surprises about this drone is its ease of use. You have to charge the battery, download the app (we have tested the iOS one with an iPhone). You turn on the drone with the button at the bottom, connect the app and link it to the Mambo.

You do not need to buy the extra remote control (Parrot FlyPad) that is not included, but the range of the drone will be much less (it goes from 60 meters to 20 meters). We don’t think it takes more to play at home or in a garden.

Controlling this drone is a joy

It is very easy to make it fly, and the truth is that you do not need previous experience. It stays in the air very easily. The app offers you the possibility to use different controls and has a flight mode for beginners.

You just have to take the drone by hand, turn it on and launch it into the air. And it almost flies alone. You can rotate, move very quickly (you can adjust the speed) and make it land without much problem.

And of course you can use the accessory that you have placed on the top. Two are coming. The barrel and the clamps. They are placed as if they were a piece of Lego, the App recognizes them and put them into operation with the central button in green. Very fun. Watch out for the cannon! Shoot the balls quite hard.

Problem with this drone? 

That its battery lasts very little, between 8 and 9 minutes. Then you have to change the battery for a spare one or put the one you have to charge through its USB port.

And what happens if the Parrot Mambo crashes?

 Nothing at all. We have dropped it hundreds of times and we have always been able to put it back together. The propellers and protections come off, but it has resisted the blows very well. The only thing is that if you play with it at home, it is possible that the propeller will fly off to where you least expect it and be difficult to find.


The quality of design and manufacture of the Parrot Mambo Drone shows. It’s excellent. Its design is very striking and flies like a charm. Accessories are a great addition. It is perfect for playing with children at home. You just have to keep in mind that the battery lasts very little and that the presence of the camera is testimonial.

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